Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dillons Trip 8/23

Just got home from Dillons and had some GREAT savings this week!
I started writing this post last night but some sick/tired kiddos kept me from finishing it so here it is for you, tuesday morning - the mega sale ends TODAY!
If you haven't had a chance to partake in these deals I highly suggest you do!
I got free chex mix, gardettos, cereal, granola bars, Sobe Lifewaters and more.

Here we go! *And the coupons I talk about below are all linked to in my post here.

2 bags of Gardettos on sale for $1.49 each
Used 2 $.50/1 coupons which doubled to $1 and had 2 ecoupons for $.50 each from Shortcuts and Cellfire
Final Price: Both Bags FREE!

4 bags of Chex Mix for $1.49 each
Used 4 $.50/1 coupons doubled to $1 and had 3 ecoupons for $.50 each from Shortcuts and Cellfire
Final Price: all four bags for $.46!

1 bag of Kroger CheezBalls for $1
Used .20 ecoupon
Final Price: $.80 for the bag

3 boxes of Trix Cereal for $1.48 each
Used 3 .50/1 coupons doubled to $1 plus had a $1 ecoupon for GM cereal
Final Price: $.44 for all 3 boxes!

4 boxes of Cocoa Puffs Cereal for $1.48 each
Used 4 .55/1 coupons doubled to $1 plus had a .55 ecoupon from shortcuts
Final Price: $1.37 for all 4 boxes!

1 bag of Goldfish for $1.25
Used .75/1 coupon doubled to $1
Final Price: $.25

2 boxes of Betty Crocker AuGratin Potatos for $.89 each
Used .50 shortcuts ecoupon
Final Price: $1.28 (or .64 each)

1 Betty Crocker Warm Delight for $1.49
Used .50/1 coupon doubled to $1 plus cellfire ecoupon for .50
Final Price: FREE

5 boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars for $1.99 each
Used 5 .50/1 coupons doubled to $1 plus 1 cellfire for .50 and 3 shortcuts for .50, .50 and .75
Final Price: $2.70 for all five boxes
PLUS I earned a $3.50 Catalina (towards my next purchase) for buying 5 boxes so I made money buying these!

2 Yoplait Kids yogurt for $1.79 each
Used 2 .50/1 coupons doubled to $1 plus .75 shortcuts ecoupon
Final Price: $.83 for both (24 cups of yogurt!!)

2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for $1.19 each
Used .50/2 coupon doubled to $1 plus ecoupon for .75
Final Price: $.63 for both

2 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls for $1.19 each
Used 2 .50/1 coupons doubled to $1
Final Price: $.38 for both

3 Sunny Ds for $.88 each
Used $1/3 coupon
Final Price: $1.64 for all 3

And my best deal from the mega event: Sobe Lifewaters!
I got 18 for $.49 each.
I used 9 Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons - which should have taken off the SALE price of $.99. BUT when she went to scan them, she took off the full price of $1.69 for each one. Plus I had an ecoupon for $2 off when you buy 10 sobes.
Soo...Final Price: -$8.39
Yep I got paid to buy those Sobes and it helped pay for a lot of my other items! And it doesn't hurt that I LOVE these drinks and now my mini fridge in my basement bar is stocked! lol

2 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup for $.89 each

1 can of Cheddar Cheese Soup for $1.50

1 jar of Peanut Butter for $1

1 loaf of bread for $.88

2 2-liters of Coke/Dr.Pepper for $1 each

1 cold medicine for $3.48

1 gallon of Milk for $2.99

Vaporizer for $14.99

The Grand Total:
I spent $36.22 and saved $112.59! That's a savings of 78%! And included in this price was a $15 vaporizer that I did not have coupons for, which means everything else came to $20! Now if only I could save like that every week - luckily this week I already had on hand what we need for most of our meals so I was able to use the weekly budget and stock up on snack/cereal items with the mega sale. After I got that great deal on the Sobes I wish I would have had some meat in that order! lol

Has anyone else got any great deals this week? Have you shopped the mega sale? Comment and tell us all about it!

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