Monday, July 26, 2010


I wanted to let you all peek into my linen closet to see my stockpile! It's full of personal care and household cleaning items, most of which I got for free after using coupons! And if I did pay for it - I didn't spend more than a dollar on it!

I just took some pics and as of now, I have a basket full of travel size items (shampoo, deo, toothpaste, etc) too many to count - all FREE that I got by using coupons or as samples in the mail!

11 bottles of shampoo and conditioners (6 bottles of John Frieda only $.50 each thanks to coupons!)

31 deodorants (lots of Old Spice, Degree, Suave, Secret, Dove and Gillette)

31 body washes (mainly Gillette which I made money buying thanks to coupons and store sales, but also some Dove, Nivea and Old Spice)

13 cans of Shaving Cream

16 Razors (lots of Schick and Gilette thanks to Walgreens and Targets deals - most were free to $1)

30 tubes of toothpaste - All FREE!

8 packages of pads

4 boxes of tampons - I did pay a little more for these (like $3/box) but they came with movie ticket codes so we've been to a few movies for free! Great Deal

Scrubbing Bubbles - a variety of shower cleaners, toilet brushes, refills, gel clings, etc.

Airwick Imotions, refills, sprays, etc

Febreeze products I received from attending my friends House Party!

Now with having this stockpile my goal is always to never Have to Buy any of these things Full price EVER again!! I will buy more when I can get them for free and add to the stockpile but this will save me so much and allow more of my shopping budget to go towards stockpiling food now that I don't need to buy any of these!

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