Thursday, February 24, 2011

How I just bought a box of diapers for $0.39!!

Yep you read that right. I just bought a $35 box of diapers for 39 cents! Here's how!

1) Find the 20% off Amazon Diapers codes and a $10 off Amazon Mom code from Parents/Parenting/Parenting Early Years or Baby Talk magazines. These are Green cards about the size of a postcard.

2) You'll want 2 of the 20% codes: one that starts with YT and one with YJ

3) Now go to If you are not an Amazon Mom member - sign up! This will get you 30% off your purchase PLUS FREE 2-day Shipping!

4) Now pick a package of diapers (I chose this box of Pampers). Click on SUBSCRIBE NOW on the right of the page.

5)You will need to log in or create an Amazon account at this point. (It's free to sign up!)

6) Now where it asks for promotional claim codes enter them here! Enter up to 3 codes (the $10, YJ 20% and YT 20%)

7) Your summary should now look similar to this (mine is based on the Pampers 144 ct for 34.52):

Items: $34.52
S&H: $0.00
Promotion Applied: - $6.90
Promotion Applied: - $6.90
Promotion Applied: - $10.00
Subscription Discount: - $10.36

Total before taxes: $0.36
Taxes: $0.03

And there you go! Diapers for only $0.39 - that is $.003 per diaper!


  1. Awesome deal! I <3 amazon mom but so far haven't been able to get any of the codes :( I've got subscriptions coming though, but even without the extra discounts the savings are great!

  2. I have also heard that at Toys R Us they have free copies of some of these magazines you can pick up and they have the codes in them! I would try that and even at your Dr.s Office too.