Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How I Organize my Coupons!

So, I was in line at Dillons the other night and I hear a guy about to get in line behind me quickly move to another register and say "Oh no! She's got a file!" I just smiled, yep I may look crazy and I'm sure plenty of people think I'm crazy for carrying around my big 4" binder full of coupons but once they see my total get cut in half or more they usually change their mind about me! Maybe they even want to be like me, or so I tell myself! lol

As stated above, I use the binder method for my coupons. I use baseball card sheets to put them all in and sort by type (ie deli, frozen, snack, cereal, baby, toothpaste, shampoo and the list goes on and on!). I personally find this the easiest way to keep my coupons organized. It is easy to find the right coupon I need rather than shuffling through a folder or box. And if I drop my binder, no biggie whereas if I used the box method, coupons would go flying everywhere!

So how do you love to organize your coupons? Any ideas or advice?

Happy Couponing and hold your head high and always be proud to be the crazy coupon lady!

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